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Vitality Show

Toyota Yaris sponsored The Vitality Show, a well-being event held in Manchester and London. The brief was to produce an experience that sold cars and captured potential customers data. However, we couldn't produce anything that felt like advertising as that would go against everything the Vitality Show stood for. Our idea was 'the alternative, alternative therapy.'

Here is the Yaris!


Sit inside the sound-proofed Yaris, close the door and a projection automatically plays on the windscreen of a relaxing country drive, with a voice-over taking you through the cars features. In the boot of the car, we have a contraption that produces fresh country air smells.


To capture customer data, we produced a hand writing analysis stand manned by two of the UK's leading graphologists. This proved to be massively popular.


Potential customers simply completed the data capture section to give a handwriting sample for analysis. They were also entered into a prize draw to win a holiday for two to Skyros.

Yaris hand leaflet final.jpg

Various leaflets highlighted the connection between relaxation and the Yaris.

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