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read on and you might find out.

My interest in advertising started one day when when I was around 10 years old and I saw a fantastic poster in the street, but enough about someone else's work, this site is all about my work. I'm not 10 anymore and I've produced some good/great work of my own. Some of it has won awards and some of it hasn't and you'll see a healthy mix of both here across most of the agencies I've worked for, including:

OgilvyOne  Rmg Connect  Saatchi & Saatchi  Wand Agency  Rapier  The Beedham Agency . . .

OgilvyOne, 2013 - Present, Art Director


It all started when I picked up a freelance BT brief on a Friday night in Feb 2012. The deadline was Monday morning. The work went down a storm. I picked up another BT brief. And another. And so on.


Before I knew it, the months flew by and I was partnered with a copywriter whose art director had gone on maternity leave.

We became the lead creative team on BlackRock and were tasked

with improving the creative output.


After a year of hard graft, Black Rock have become Ogilvy’s fourth biggest client. And I was offered a permanent position in April 2013, which I gladly accepted.



2011 – 2013, Freelance


VCCP, Hyper Naked, Golley Slater and OgilvyOne



Wand Agency, 2009 – 2011, Head of Art


I joined Wand as Head of Art after a few successful freelance stints.

I worked across all the agency’s accounts including Queen, Macdonald Hotels, Peugeot and Bensons for beds.



2009, Freelance


Wunderman, Ignite, Exposure, M Works, SFW

and The Marketing Store



RMG Connect, 2005 – 2009, Creative Director


In 2004 I was headhunted by my ex-Saatchi Creative Director, Trefor Thomas, to join him in building RMG Connect’s creative reputation and I initially headed up the Mercedes Benz and Shell accounts.


At this point in time, Shell wasn’t seen a creative opportunity by the creative department and my key task was to change that. We pitched fresh thinking on fuel advertising to Shell, which they bought. Before long, the Shell account grew and it became one of RMG’s biggest and more adventurous fully integrated accounts.


In 2008, I became creative lead on the newly acquired Nokia account, overseeing and producing wide range of ATL, BTL and Shopper Marketing campaigns.


I also led Johnson & Johnson (Listerine).

Saatchi & Saatchi, 2001 – 2005, Group Head

& Creative Director


I had a truly amazing four years working under Dave Droga and

Trefor Thomas and I picked up a number of awards including D&AD

and Cannes Lions and won some big pitches including the Chip & Pin launch campaign.


I worked across many accounts and was appointed group head on the Toyota business.


A few months before I left Saatchi, I became a Creative Director and helped set up and run Saatchi X, which initially involved a week of intensive training with Shopper Marketing experts Thomson Murray in Arkansas. I was then responsible for training the Saatchi X creative department in all elements of Shopper Marketing and managing the creative output.



CDP, 2000 - 2001, Creative Director


Dream job in one of the biggest and most respected agencies on the planet. It was a shame that CDP folded 11 months later. But it was a great opportunity to head up and work across all the integrated output for great clients such as Honda and Canon.



OgilvyOne, 1999 – 2000, Art Director


I worked across all the agencies accounts such as Royal Mail, IBM and Barnardos.



Rapier, 1998 – 1999, Art Director


I worked across all the agency accounts such as Cable & Wireless, Direct Line Insurance and TV Licensing.



Ogilvy & Mather Direct, 1994 – 1998, Art Director


I popped down to London to see some agencies and dropped my book off at Ogilvy & Mather Direct. I got a call a few hours later to see

Steve Harrison. After a quick chat, myself, and my copywriter were hired on the spot. We went on to scoop up quite a number of awards

for our work.



The Beedham Agency, 1991 – 1994, Art Director


This was my first job in the industry. Before that, I had been doing placements across London agencies. On a trip back to Glasgow,

I happened to show my book to the Creative Director of the Beedham Agency. He loved my work and promised to get me in. Sure enough

I got a call a few weeks later. I spent the next 6 months juggling London placements with paid work in Glasgow, before taking a full time job at The Beedham Agency. The best bit – I was partnered with the Creative Director.


We quickly became one of the most awarded agencies in Scotland picking up numerous Scottish Advertising Awards, Roses Awards

and Campaign Awards.







Scottish Advertising Awards - Commendation

Scottish Advertising Awards - Commendation

Campaign Poster Awards - Commendation

Roses Awards - Silver,

Roses Awards - Bronze

Roses Awards - Bronze




Scottish Advertising Awards – Commendation

Scottish Advertising Awards - Commendation




Campaign Press Awards - Silver

Roses Awards – Silver

Roses Awards - Bronze

Roses Awards - Bronze

Scottish Advertising Awards - Silver

Scottish Advertising Awards - Silver





Recruitment Awards - Gold

Recruitment Awards - Gold

DMA - Bronze








Direct Response - Overall Winner

Direct Response - Gold

Direct Response - Silver

DMA – Gold

DMA - Silver

DMA - Silver

Echo Awards - Leader Award





Campaign - Best Direct Campaign - 2nd place

Epica Awards - Bronze

Epica Awards - Bronze




Creative & Innovation Awards - Finalist




D&AD - Finalist (in book)

ISP – Gold

ISP - Silver

Cannes - Finalist

Cannes - Finalist

Campaign Direct – Finalist





Campaign Direct - Finalist




MCCA Awards - Finalist

WPP JWT - Global Best

Cannes – Gold

Cannes - Bronze

Campaign - Silver

Campaign - Silver

ISP - Gold

ISP - Gold

ISP - Gold

ISP - Silver

ISP - Bronze




Marketing Excellence Awards - Finalist




Money Marketing Awards -  Finalist

Cannes  D&AD  DMA  ISP  Campaign  MCCA  DR  Roses  Recruitment . . .


Vintage Festival being set up

Currently hanging in our home

My wife, Kali PomPom, has been thrifting for donkey's years, which means myself and my son have been too. 


We've traded at the Vintage Festival a number of times, the Wilderness Festival and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee at Hyde Park as well as a whole heap of others. Needless to say we've found loads of interesting stuff over the years. Some of it we keep, some we sell online under House of PomPom on instagram. 


For all the latest findings check out


Lovely shot glasses, PLUS, we also have

matching postcards

100's of badges, these Blakes 7 one's have gone down a storm on ebay.

100's of beermats dating back decades, on some you can still smell the alcohol.

Barbie keyrings

Re-worked 1940's mirror's with Kali PomPom

designs on the reverse

House of PomPom (click image)

I only really started listening to music in the 80's.

I was a big Gary Numan, Bauhaus and Alien Sex Fiend fan until I discovered my favourite band of all time. Cardiacs.

I think it was 1986 that I saw them performing on the Tube (see video opposite). The Tube was a supposed cutting edge music show that really only showed what was bubbling outside the top 40. Heaven knows how Cardiacs ended up on the show, but it was a real eye opener.


The next day I bought the Cardiacs mini album, Big Ship, from Virgin Records in Glasgow.


I started to buy up their back catalogue and all their new releases. Most of their recordings are now very rare and will cost you a pretty penny to buy on Ebay.


My most prized item is the Obvious Identity cassette tape from 1980. There were only 1,000 made and it's worth up to £500. I also have their first 7 inch single from 1979, again, only 1,000 were released.





















They almost had a hit single with 'Is this the life' towards the end of the 80's thanks to Radio 1 DJ, Gary Davies, who played the single non stop. Unfortunately Cardiacs hadn't pressed enough copies to meet demand so the song didn't chart.


Although they never had a proper hit, they did have a big impact on the music scene and influenced the likes of Blur and Mr Bungle (Mike Patton of Faith No More)as well as countless other artists. 


Unfortunately, singer and song writer Tim Smith has been hospitalised since 20008 and the band are on hold.

Some of the band members have gone on to form other bands such as Knifeworld, The Dowling Poole and there's Cardiacs keyboard player, William D. Drake, who has released quite

a number of solo albums.


Get well soon Tim!


Music - Cardiacs

Cardiacs  from 1986

Big Ship mini album 

Dirty Boy track from 1996 

The Obvious Identity 

Article from The Sun 11th Feb 2011

Garage Concerts Rehearsal 2003

Video Gamer

My favourite console is N64. Games such as Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Banjo Kazooie and Jet Force Gemini were so ahead of their time.

The 3D worlds were incredibly inventive and I still play it today.


My favourite game of all time though is Megalomania (see video opposite). I played it on the Mega Drive for two solid weeks during a Christmas break one year. It's an addictive little strategy game and I still have a go every now and then.


These days I mainly play emulators on my Nvidia Shield. Simply because my son has claimed the Xbox as his own. As well as playing games, he also records his gameplay, edits, adds animation and music and uploads to Youtube. 



Half Life 2 on Nvidia Shield

I currently own a Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance, DS, DSi, 3DS, N64 and Wii. But no video game collection would be complete without a Mega Drive, Game Gear,  Dreamcast, Gizmondo, Neo Geo Pocket, Atari Jaguar, PS1, PS2, PS4, PSP, PS Vita, Xbox, Xbox 360 and Nvidia Shield.


Before I met my wife, the TV was for playing Video Games, not for watching movies. She, however, is a big movie buff. At first I found it difficult to focus on a movie for an hour and a half. I love movies now.

I have many favourites, mainly horror movies as that's my wife's

favourite genre.


My Top  Movies (at the moment)


John Dies at the End, Coherence, The Signal.





Ice Hockey

My love of Ice Hockey is a strange one. My interest in the sport started when I played an NHL video game on the Megadrive. The Dallas Stars are my favourite team. Mainly because I liked the look of them on the 16 bit games console.


I also have a fondness for Baseball too. 


I like all sort of books. Growing up I was really into the 'Stainless Steel Rat' series by Harry Harrison. And anything by Spike Milligan.


These days I'm a sucker for anything by Edward Lee.


I wrote and performed stand up comedy for about 3 years. After a not so responsive audience at the King's Head in Crouch End, I decided to write a completely new routine. I also just started a new job at Saatchi & Saatchi and loved it so much that performing stand up was put on hold although I continued to write for about another year. Maybe one day i'll get back onstage.

Comic Books

I couldn't get enough of comic books when I was growing up. I started predictably with Beano and Dandy, but moved on pretty quickly to

Marvel and DC comics when a comic book shop opened nearby called Yankee Mags.


I also read Warlord, Bullet, Action and Mad Magazine (which wasn't very appropriate reading material for a kid).


In 1977 my eyes were finally opened when 2000AD was launched. 


My favourite 2000AD artist was Brian Boland (see opposite).

I'd spend hours trying to copy his style and my dream was to become

a comic book illustrator. 


My favourite stories from 2000AD were Judge Death, Strontium Dog

('Hell Planet' is ace!), Robo-Hunter and The Stainless Steel Rat. 



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