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O2 Welcome

There's plenty for a new O2 customer to discover, which means that there's a plethora of communications heading their way during the opening months. So, we gave them a clean, dynamic, unifying visual idea that communicates the energy and excitement that customers experience while exploring the world of O2 – all set against a variety of iconic British landscapes. Thanks to Ben Golik at Lida for his masterly guidance and input.

Welcome email

O2 em1.jpg

As O2 spans the whole of the UK we also included the rest of Britain, without being too postcardy.


Next came O2 Prioity – a world of possibilities represented by the O2 Arena.

O2 em2.jpg

This touches many worlds, such their rugby sponsorship, racing and balloon hire.


O2 also have partners, such as the Calm App that customers receive a discount on.

O2 em3.jpg

Of course, O2 don't just send emails they also use MMS to tell customers they have the UK's best network coverage.


Finally, throughout all this they can call on the O2 Gurus who can help them out with all those technical issues and point them in the right direction.

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