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Mind & EFL Mental Health Social

For Mind's latest mental health campaign with the EFL the aim was to urge football fans to be there for their mates and their mental health. To help encourage them to be up front about having their mate's back we came up with the simple visual idea of wearing a footy shirt backwards to show your support, with the hashtag #haveyourmatesback

The idea has been picked up by the players.

Burton Albion - Oliver Sarkic

Mind Medium.jpg

Swansea City - Marcus Bettinelli

Mind Swansea City.jpg

Colchester United - Harry Pell & Luke Prosser

Mind Colchester United.png

Hartlepool United - Mascot


This also included a frank expose by some well-known figures within EFL about their experiences with mental health issues.

Mind tweet 12.png

It was then played out on social media where the players, fans and influencers such as Charlie Webster, started to get involved too.

Mind tweet Charlie Webster.png
Mind tweet 13.png
Mind tweet 24.png
Mind tweet 25.png
Mind tweet 11.png
Mind tweet 3.png
Mind tweet 6.png
Mind tweet 27.png
Mind new9.png
Mind tweet 5.png
Mind tweet 15.png

Quest TV presenter showing his support by wearing his footy shirt backwards.

University of Glouchestershire's Women's Football Team backed our campaign with a charity match.

It has also been picked up by local press.

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