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Bob Anderson Creative Director


As joint Creative Director at JWT I managed the creative output on Nokia, Shell Global, Mercedes-Benz and Pfizer. The most demanding were Shell and Nokia with up to six creative teams on each account. Shell involved creating global toolkits, Nokia was fast turn around retail, Mercedes-Benz was more about craft and Pfizer produced only a few pieces throughout the year. 

I also mentored the junior creative teams with good results. Darren O'Beirne and Jonathan Meatyard, went on to win us Cannes Lion for their work on Listerine. 

Pfizer - Listerine Embossed Letter DM

Literine letter1.jpg
Listerine letter2.jpg

We needed to encourage dental professionals to try Listerine Advanced Tartar Control, and then recommend regular use of it to their patients.

Dentists had never seen anything like this before. The mailing was pure white; it appeared to have nothing on it. On closer inspection, the recipients could see the letter copy was written in an embossed font - as opposed to being printed in black ink. It acknowledges the importance of keeping your teeth white and how hard dentists work to help their patients achieve this. Particularly relevant to this sceptical audience, it also pointed out the benefits of Listerine in combating tartar. The letter directs to a fold-down reply slip for requesting samples and subscription to a magazine.

The mailing was sent to 25,404 Dental Professionals, with a target of 2,032 responses (8%). We actually received 3,487 responses (172% over the target). This led to an additional 34,920 opportunities for Dentists to recommend Listerine Advanced Tartar Control and to supply samples to their patients. With 83,688 recommendations overall, this level of recommendation will translate into £67,260.05 in patient sales of Listerine (in our first year), giving us a positive ROI of £2.99 per £1 of budget spent, for the campaign.

Awards: Cannes Lion

Creative Team: Darren O'Beirne & Jonathan Meatyard

Creative Director's: Bob Anderson & Simon Kirkham

Pfizer - Listerine Heat Sensitive DM

Listerine heat1.jpg
Listerne heat4.jpg
Listerine heat2.jpg
Listerine heat3.jpg

We wanted dentists to re-appraise their opinions of Listerine, try it for themselves then recommend it to their patients.​ Listerine is the only daily-use mouthwash to penetrate and obliterate Biofilm. We did this by demonstrating there was no hiding place for plaque from the killing power of Listerine, through using heat sensitive ink on the leaflet inside the mailing, which when touched revealed graphically illustrated Biofilm beneath.

Creative Team: Daryn Lawrence & Simon Kavangh

Creative Director's: Bob Anderson & Simon Kirkham


Nokia was a fast turn around retail account so we had up to six creative teams working on briefs, with myself partnered with Dan Colley or Paul Waddup as Creative Directors.

Nokia Maps Integrated Campaign
Nokia London.png

This UK-wide campaign was to launch the new Nokia ‘Maps’ 2.0 Navigation Service. The task (for various reasons) was Herculean. The comms needed to hit 12 major cities with over 100 different specs of communications – all to be conceived, created, produced and implemented within three weeks. Incredibly, it was delivered on time, and the campaign was also very effective.


My idea was bought by client. Paul Waddup handled a 5 day shoot in a helicopter across the country. Tim Noble and Gem 

Hagan helped with various bits and bobs. I handled finalising concepts, art direction and creative direction.

Creative Idea: Bob Anderson

Creative Team: Bob Anderson & Paul Waddup

Creative Team: Tim Noble & Gem Hagan

Creative Directors: Bob Anderson & Paul Waddup

Nokia 6500 Need for Speed game promotion

Outdoor Special Build




Press ad


Creative Directors: Bob Anderson & Dan Colley

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

Window display

nokia_orange_tube_visuals a.jpg

POS cubes with built in speaker

nokia_orange_tube_visuals b.jpg

Press ad

nokia_orange_tube_visuals d.jpg

Instore poster

nokia_orange_tube_visuals c.jpg

Creative Directors: Bob Anderson & Dan Colley

Nokia Kung Fu Panda game bundle

Press ad


Window poster






Creative Team: Bob Anderson & Dan Colley

Creative Directors: Bob Anderson & Dan Colley

Nokia N96 - Obsession





Creative Directors: Bob Anderson & Dan Colley

Shell Global

Most of the Shell output ran globally, so simple language, for ease of translation, with interesting visuals was the way forward on this account. On Shell I was joint Creative Director with Simon Kirkham, then Dan Colley.

Shell Unleaded Press Campaign

Simple brief. You get more more miles with Shell Unleaded. And a simple print execution.

Creative Team: Daryn Lawrence & Simon Kavangh

Creative Director: Bob Anderson

Shell & Ferrari  Partnership Press
ferrari grid ad.jpg

Creative Team: Daryn Lawrence & Simon Kavangh

Creative Directors: Bob Anderson & Dan Colley

Shell Made to Move Campaign

Tricky brief. Buying fuel is a rationale decision but the client client wanted to go into an emotive territory. So we hit on the idea that man is made to move and explored those journey's. In the first year we produced and delivered 12 unique ideas that would run globally across press, outdoor, digital, direct mail, plus experiential at The London Motorshow. Two creative teams helped pull it all together.

Creative Team: Bob Anderson & Simon Kirkham

Creative Team: Dave & Nobby

Creative Directors: Bob Anderson & Simon Kirkham

Wand Agency - Head of Art

At boutique agency Wand Agency I was in charge of keeping a close eye on everything that left the building. I also worked on briefs as a solo creative and occasionally partnered with copywriter, ECD and owner, Xanthos Christodoulou.

Peugeot 3008 Car Launch - 'So much technology you'd expect it to fly'

The Peugeot 3008 is packed with tech, so we came up with the idea, 'so much technology you'd expect it to fly.' The campaign featured special build outdoor, digital, website, experiential, social and an online game. Deadlines were tight, so as Head of Art it was a big challenge to pull it off.


Creative Team: Bob Anderson, Xanthos Christodoulou & Brian Storey

Executive Creative Directors: Brian Storey & Xanthos Christodoulou

Head of Art: Bob Anderson

Ladbrokes DM


Creative Team: Bob Anderson & Xanthos Christodoulou

Executive Creative Directors: Brian Storey & Xanthos Christodoulou

Head of Art: Bob Anderson

Ladbrokes Affiliates

Ladbroke affilates2.png
Ladbroke affilates3.png
Ladbroke affilates1.png

Gaming Affiliates are a very important market for Ladbrokes - they basically bring customers to Ladbrokes doorstep via their affiliate sites.


The insight that led the creative was that Affiliates are very male with a very laddish sense of humour. These posters were placed in the toilets of a large Affiliates gaming conference, and were very popular, with snapshots getting shared via social media.


Ladbrokes gained 24 new Affiliates in 2 days, who can be worth millions of pounds to Ladbrokes in sales, even after commission.

Creative Team: Phil Treacy & Ed

Executive Creative Directors: Brian Storey & Xanthos Christodoulou

Head of Art: Bob Anderson

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