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Child Eye Cancer Trust

One of the signs of child eye cancer is a small dot that only a child with eye cancer can see. So we created a narrative around “Alice and her Uninvisible Friend Dot’ that played out in a digital storybook. The campaign launched on World Sight Day with social posts, DOOH, ambient and instore at Vision Express.

Interactive story of Alice and her Uninvisible friend Dot.

The campaign launched through social media on World Sight Day

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A real life Alice and eye cancer survivor raised awareness of early detection in Vision Express.

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A simple sticker on glasses showed kids one of the symtoms of eye cancer - a dot.

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A digital poster campaign offered fee wifi to view the digital story.

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We took a blimp shopping to show how Dot invades what you see.

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The campaign caught the attention of Mumsnet.

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And we were Mumsnet Guest Campaign for October.


The campaign was featured in The Drum and received an overall rating of 4/5

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