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BT Sport Pub Cup

The client brief was 'summer is a quiet time for televised football, so how do we stop fans cancelling their BT Sport subscription?' Our idea was the Pub Cup Tournament, which would be televised during the summer to give fans their footy fix and pub teams the chance to play in Premier League stadiums like the Emirates. We would sign big names like John Harston and Robbie Savage to be pub team managers. It was an ambitious idea, but the client loved it. The Pub Cup Tornament kicked off a year later, with the client handling the production of the assets in-house.

We kicked-off with a film featuring Harry Rednapp


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Pub Cup Tournament site

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Pub Cup Tournament 2018 Final

Pub Cup Tournament season summary

Wreckin View Wanderers Vs Park Rangers FC at Man City

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2018 Pub Cup Winners - The Gun

BT sport pub cup HAckney Gun.jpg

2019 Pub Cup Winners - The CJ's. £5000 prize to spend on pub upgrades

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